Partner of Choice in Business Growth, Future Proofing and Exit

Running a business and growing a business profitably and sustainably is always a tough challenge, as you need be able to navigate all the minefield and complexity, including marketing, sales, human resources, operation, customer service, professional/regulatory requirements, rapid technological changes, ever changing economic conditions, and social trends.

Recognised by the Australian Business Journal in The 10 Australian Business Strategists & Experts to Watch in 2021.

Working with you for your business success

BGES is a “one stop shop, business growth, future proofing and exit service provider” for Small and Medium Enterprises with a proven track record of producing exceptional results, including helping businesses get recognised on the prestigious BRW Top 100 Fast Starters List and Business Award Winners.

We assist our clients with profit, cash flow and business value improvement. We also help our clients get positioned for a profitable business exit through our proven innovative yet pragmatic methodology. Future proofing your business is also a core part of our services.

BGES Vision

Our vision is to be an influencer and a leader in the growth, future proofing and strategic exit of the small and medium sized business sector in Australia. Our vision is underpinned by our holistic, innovative methodologies and an expert team of talented professionals who produce significant value for stakeholders.

BGES also embraces the “Invest, Grow and Exit” concept of turning struggling SME businesses into top performers. We focus on improving the value of a business and creating an exit strategy that benefits all its stakeholders. Our goal is to help our clients achieve more than 300% return on investment over 3 years through active management involvement and shareholding.

BGES Mission

Our mission is to provide highly effective business growth, future proofing and exit services for Small and Medium Businesses with a strong return on investment for our clients.

BGES Value Proposition

• We provide expert advice in business growth, future proofing and business exit opportunities using holistic and innovative methodologies proven to produce positive results for clients.

• We have a proven track record of producing positive results for clients including helping companies to be in the BRW fast starter list, business award winners, and successful strategic exits.

• We provide cost effective, result based strategic solutions that help business owners with a very high return on investment.

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